I Feel Free
I Feel Free

I Feel Free

Dear Cloud Walker,

I am staring into the room. It is supposed to be a normal working day as it is called. But I am doing nothing. I do not need to achieve anything anymore. I quit my job and left my belongings behind. I found shelter at a friend’s place just for a while.

It feels okay!

I am supposed to take my ‘responsibility’ and take part in the rat race of earning money, buying goods, consuming, raising kids, making a career. For decades I lived that way. But now I am just sitting on a cloud. When the weather is fine I wander around in the fields enjoying the life most people forget to observe. They even forgot it’s existence. Obsessed by ego and money. I got rid of both.

It feels good!

All my life I have been afraid for being depended upon other people. I did not trust them. Nobody could be trusted, I thought. Well this is only true when you do not trust yourself.  Now I trust myself and surrender myself to the wind which leads the cloud I’m sitting on. I do not know where it will take me to. I try to trust it as it seems more and more that following the wind takes me to places where I feel extremely peaceful. On a cloud I feel the presence of God.

I feel free!

It is so peaceful up here. Just look up and take a moment to relax. Visit me for a while, and do not worry there is lots of space here. If you would visit a cloud you could easily get lost. Got lost in doubt about your achievements. Are they worth it?